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Aromatherapy Linesarticle

This line is not only a pure moment of emotions but also an Aromatherapy experience. These blends of aromatic plant essential oils are used over the world for eliminating stress and encouraging a sense of well-being.

Botanica Essencearticle

Botanica Essence Collection contains natures most effective botanicals.
We Carefully select and use the finest quality essential oils. Our formulas are blended with an expert knowledge of botany, aromatherapy, phototherapy and skincare. Our researchers are devoted to creating products that offer not only result, but also pleasure.

Euphoria article

Euphoria, a collection of refreshing Spring that capture the most relaxing and happy Summer memories. Appreciated equally by men and women for it's sheer, fresh and sensuous scents that create sensation of well.

Le Voyage

Le Voyage collection takes you to a pleasant journey. From the Tuscan hills where the Iris grows to Cote d’Azur where orange groves bloom. From midday walk surrounded by spice scents found in the souks of Marraketch. You are drifting amidst the sweet smelling cinnamon of Sri Lanka and aromatic jasmine flowers of India until the luminous fragrance of citrus carry you to orchards of Italian Riviera.


Inspired by summer memories of warm sunshine, clear waters and aromas of the Mediterranean, the Collection blends aquatic and floral scents into a fresh summer scent. You will be transported somewhere sunny and warm, and into a world of cool fresh breeze and fresh air.

Green Potion

Take a first look up close at the Green product  with 100 % Natural Ingredients.Indeed , the product assists organic active for soothing and balancing the skin. The Green product is 100 %natural , mild , moisturizing  & restructuring the skin , protecting with organic active , preservative & fragrance free Co-operatived with Natural and Technology ( give three products for skin and hair;


Imagine a scent that takes you info the stillness of Arabian nights and surrounds you with the beauty and grandeur of Arabia. Imagine a scent that transcends you into palaces of sultans where you are spellbound by their symmetry, mystery, and elegance. CHAKRA by Nature Touch is our fragrant natural oil that delivers you these imaginations.

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden Collection Inspired by beautiful hidden gardens the collection is bursting with the sweet scents of flower, aromatic herbs and fruit trees. The Secret Garden is a place where every flower imagination is in full bloom all season round.


The Puriya range consists of shampoos, hair conditioners, bath and shower gels, body lotions, bath soaps, body scrubs, bath salts, body creams, massage oils and Thai herbal compressed balls.
Each product is made from selected quality and efficient herbal extracts. All the products contain 100% natural essential oils which help restoring the physical and mental balance and nourishing your skin.

Japaness Green Tea

" Japanese Green Tea" a line of skincare for men and women of all ages and skin types. We bring together nature and research to promote the health and beauty benefits of green tea.  Our natural green tea extract is picked from the first tea leaves of the season, which is naturally rich in antioxidants and full of nutrients such as Catechin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E.

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