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Puriya Collection

In Thai, “Puriya” means the fine use of herbal medicines for health and beauty care. Puriya, products has been developed by Mr Wiriya Phungsoonthorn, company’s founder, who has over 30 years of experience in this field.

Wiriya Phungsoonthorn has spent his life and grown up in the environment of medicinal herbs.
This came from his ancestor, a Chinese herbalist who prepared herbal medicines over 130 years ago.
The practice of this profession still continues today. With all his passion,
he began to formulate and to elaborate his first product in 1999, and succeeded very well.
 In 1983, he learned perfumes and the essential oils properties from an expert in Grasse, France.

Nature Touch International Co. Ltd successfully launched its first range of products in many countries such as France, Australia, China, Malaysia, Japan, Italy, India, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai. Nature Touch is proud of its newest range of spa products.

Different medicinal herbs are blended to obtain products with Thai origins and efficient properties. The handmade sugar-palm wood caps are made in the Petchaburi Province which is renowned for its know-how in the production of palm wood items. The bottles are in polyethylene which is environmentally friendly, and the front labels are decorated with nice Thai patterns.

Special properties
The Puriya range consists of shampoos, hair conditioners, bath and shower gels, body lotions, bath soaps, body scrubs, bath salts, body creams, massage oils and Thai herbal compressed balls. Each product is made from selected quality and efficient herbal extracts. All the products contain 100% natural essential oils which help restoring the physical and mental balance and nourishing your skin.

Our products show their Thai origins by the ingredients obtained from Thai medicinal herbs,
also by features and packaging which reveal an eastern identity. 

Not only does Nature Touch Internatioal Co., Ltd. concern about its customer’s wellness by 
continuously producing quality products, it also follows its strong philosophy to contribute to communities and society at large wherever possible. Its latest range of products, Puriya, was aesthetically designed by using natural material made of palm wood as the packaging lids. With the company’s encouragement and support, poor people living in a small village of Petchburi province, Thailand, can enhance their living standard by producing the lids and supplying them to Nature Touch at reasonable prices.Other parts of the palm tree such as its fruit can also be processed to be foods and snacks, which help them earning more money. What Nature Touch is doing is also considered in line with the public sector policy which considers growing palm tree an opportunity for people in Petchburi to improve their living. 

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